Get Back on the Road Faster with our High-Performance Double Cylinder Tyre Pump”

You can now easily inflate your tires to the correct pressure in half the time with our portable, lightweight and versatile pump

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Type: 2 cylinders Air Compressor

Voltage range: DC 12V-13.5V

Twin Cylinder: 30mm/1.18in

Max Ampere: 23Amp Max

Pressure: 150 PSI

Air Flow Rate: 60L/min

Weight: 2.7kg/5.95Lbs

Power Cable Length: 285cm/9.35’FT

Hose Length: 3M/9.84’FT

Application: car/electric car/bicycle/motorcycle/ball/kayaking

Our pump is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

The built-in pressure gauge allows you to easily monitor the pressure of your tires and inflate them to the correct level.

With multiple valve adaptors included, this pump can be used for a variety of tires including cars, bikes, and inflatable sports equipment.

Take the pump with you wherever you go with its well arranged box.

Never be stranded with flat tires again.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional pumps and upgrade to our Double Cylinder Tyre Pump today!

About this item

  • INFLATION IN SECONDS: Unlike regular air compressor tire inflators that take ages, ours gets the job done in 2 minutes or less. With double cylinders, this 12V portable air compressor maxes out at 150 Psi and produces a flow of 70L/min; 4X faster than others.

  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Every double cylinder air pump for car tires comes with an 11.5ft extension air hose, nozzle adapters, spare fuse, heavy-duty cables and clamps, and a travel carry bag. It measures a compact 8.7” (L) x 7.1” (H) x 3.1” (W) for bulk-free portability.

  • BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT: Inflate your tires with ease even in low-light conditions. We’ve fitted our metal tire air compressor with an LED light on the side for bright illumination. You’ll also love the dial pressure gauge that offers superior accuracy compared to a digital tire inflator.

  • WORKS WITH MOST VEHICLES: Whether you’re dealing with an off-road SUV, minivan, sedan, pickup truck, RV trailer, bicycle, dinghy, or air bed, this portable tire inflator with gauge comes with multiple adapters to match your nozzle. Just hook it up to your car battery or car’s cigarette lighter to get it powered up.

  • HEAVY-DUTY METAL: No cheap plastic here. We’ve used rugged metal for impressive durability, a pure copper connector that never rusts, and rubber feet for great stability and less noise. Go ahead, invest in a heavy-duty electric air pump that’s built to last.