a house-hold blender that can blend anything in your kitchen in minutes...

dry or wet

This heavy duty multi-purpose silver crest blender combined with it’s high-end durable components is all you need till your new born baby graduates from the university

(See it’s heavy duty power in action)

This has saved me and my children the entire stress of having to go grind outside in dirty engines and pay every single time we need to grind something urgently...
Mr's Wuraola
Lagos State

Blends anything in minutes with it's high horse surging power...

you'll have an incomplete kitchen without this

more information about product

This blender is suitable for hard foods and can even crush ice blocks. 

It is specially made for food smoothening and has the ability to crush the seed of tomatoes to fine paste. 

It can be used for nuts, beans, maize, tomatoes, pepper, fruits of all kinds. 

If you have ever come across any video showing a blender crushing bottle just like the one you saw in the advert that got you here, then it’s this blender. 

It’s not meant for crushing bottles anyway. 

But that video is just a representation of how strong this blender is in crushing food.  

The blades are solid to crush hard food

It comes in different types that ranges from 2000, 2500, 3000watt, to 4000, 4500watt, but just so we can give you nothing but the best we got you the most powerful!

The 4500 watt so you and your family can finally stop visiting unhealthy grinding machines that you don’t know what they grinded in it last

Suitable for grinding beans, maize, etc.

High strength speed 

heavy duty ball bearing

20 sec quick grinding

Strong blades

Rush now while the offer lasts. 

Most of our customers who bought this said they'll never go back to grinding engines again here are some reasons i fished out

It's not limited to just wet foods

It’s not limited to just wet foods like your tomatoes, fruits, beans for moi moi And the likes… You can also blend your nuts, dried corn and the likes

Saves you time and money

Remember the festive season is around the corner…

This would save you a lot of time in the kitchen because you won’t have to wait till your child get’s back from the grinding machine and you won’t get to spend money for grinding too

Simple and safe to use

It’s very easy and safe to use that even your 10 year olds can operate

Strong and durable

It was built with the ability to withstand high pressure as you saw already crushes even coke bottles into particles, how much more your everyday food? 

So you don’t have to worry it getting someone injured

long lasting

Just like your cooking pots, this is one item you would use over and over again and still not get tired of because you would be missing a large part of your kitchen without this 

How to use

special offer for you

When you order the silver crest heavy-duty blender today, you’ll get this 5 in one multi cutter for FREE


see in use below

This would save you a lot of time and stress in the kitchen, 

You won’t have to deal with tears from cutting onions again as it does it for you instantly

But then it’s not limited to just onions, you can also use it to cut your chips that take you hours in minutes and soo many others because it comes with five different heads for different styles and sizes

Now, If you are to buy the 5 in 1 multi cutter outside, you'll get it at the rate of N7500 or even more due to the rise in dollar

But if you place an order today for the heavy-duty blender, you'll get it for FREE

How much is the blender?

regular price - N48,000

Today's discount price - N35,000

see below

Due to high demand and the constant increase in the dollar

We are almost out of stock of this product because the shipping rates from china to nigeria is soo high now

Yes we would still order for it because the demand from our customers is high but

the next batch of this product would cost wayy higher than this when it gets to nigeria

So hurry now and get yours today so you don’t get it at a higher price later

What Our Customers are saying about this

I got one for my wife and I must confess I never expected the kind of joy it brought to my home because I rarely buy such things

I'm happy she loves it
Mr Festus
plateau state

how to place your order

Simply fill the form below and we would call you to confirm your order


For questions and enquiries, send us a message on WhatsApp with the number



Most frequent questions and answers

For locations like Abuja, Lagos and Anambra, it takes betweew 24-48hours to be delivered

But for other states outside this three states, it may take a maximum of 3-4 days to get to you depending on how far the location is

Although it’s very simple and easy to operate, it comes with a free manual guide just incase you’ll need it 

Just simply pour water into it and turn the button on


If you don’t like it after you receive it, send us a message on whatsapp and we would be happy to receive it and refund you your money with no questions asked


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